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Odd UFO Filmed Flying Past Moon

A skywatcher filming the moon was left scratching his head after spotting a strange white object zipping through the sky. The odd anomaly was captured on video by an unnamed individual in Trenton, New Jersey who promptly posted it online. He marveled that it was "pure luck" that he caught the strange object on film as he was zooming in with a high-powered lens to look at craters on the lunar surface.

In the footage, what looks like a white or reflective sphere of some kind can be seen descended from the sky and passing the skywatcher's view of the moon. To his credit, he responded quickly to the anomaly and kept the camera on the UFO in an attempt to get a better look at it. Unfortunately, he was only able to follow the object for a few seconds before it seemingly vanished what looks like a ring of vapor.

Curious viewers of the video have put forward a number of possibilities for the nature of the anomaly. UFO enthusiasts have suggested that the mysterious sphere was extraterrestrial in nature and that the ring seen at the end is a result of the craft activating whatever system it uses to accelerate or vanish from the sky. However, more prosaic explanations offered for the puzzling sight include the international space station, a piece of ice falling from an aircraft, or simply space junk. Check out the video and let us know your theory at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.


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