Online Gambling Site Taking Bets on Alien Disclosure

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By Tim Binnall

UFO enthusiasts who are confident that the United States government will reveal the existence of aliens in the near future could cash in on that disclosure via an online gambling site that is now taking bets on whether or not such a scenario will unfold. Three different wagers concerning extraterrestrial revelations were unveiled this week by the digital casino Bovada, which set rather long odds on the events actually taking place.

According to the website's estimate, there is a 5000 to 1 chance that the U.S. government will confirm the existence of aliens by the end of 2019. The odds get better for alien disclosure in 2020 as Bovada set those at 2000 to 1 by the end of next year. Perhaps the most intriguing ET wager offered by the website asks "will Donald Trump confirm any images or video to be alien spacecraft before the end of his presidency?" For that bet, Bovada set the odds at a somewhat surprising 1500 to 1.

While it does seem as if the prospect of the government revealing that aliens exist may be closer than ever before, one would probably be wise to hold off on betting their life savings on it, since a myriad of similar claims have been made in the past and ultimately did not come to fruition. Plus, should we be told that ETs do exist, your winnings may wind up being essentially worthless should their reason for coming to Earth be to invade the planet.

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