Origin of Intricate UK Crop Circle Revealed

In what will likely be a surprise to very few, an intricate crop circle discovered on a farm in England last week has been determined to be a marketing stunt.

Veteran crop circle researcher Colin Andrews marveled on Monday that, "I've traveled the world for over thirty years investigating crop circles and have never seen anything quite as impressive."

However an investigation by Andrews appears to have solved the mystery of the circle's source.

On Facebook, he revealed that the elaborate nature of the circle inspired him to dig into the story further in an attempt to find out who made the formation and why.

According to Andrews, he has now learned the identities of the 'artists' behind the formation although he did not reveal them to his readers.

He did offer some additional insight into the creation of the crop circle, saying "the exceptional quality is due in large part to experienced hands that made it and the three days they took to complete it."

As to what the message contained within the circle means, the solution will be particularly disheartening to crop formation enthusiasts hoping for a paranormal source to the phenomenon.

Andrews explains that the circle was a commercial advertisement for a company appropriately known as 'Mothership Glass.'

In light of these findings, the crop circle researcher suggests that the farm owners were not merely innocent victims and, in fact, were in on the ruse the entire time.

He argues that their contention that they had been away from home for five days gives them plausible deniability that they knew about the crop circle being created in their field.

For future reference, Andrews notes that the 'extended time away from home' claim by crop circle recipients appears to be a standard tale told during cases where the formation was actually commercially designed.

And so, much like the UFO phenomenon, crop circle research appears to be mired in the same endless debate of 'ours v. theirs' that has plagued the paranormal world for decades.

Coast Insider who want to take a deep dive into the crop circle phenomenon can journey back to 9/10/2001 and check out Colin Andrews appearance on the program nearly fifteen years ago.

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