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Ouija Board Spells Trouble for Kindergarten Teacher

A teacher in Milwaukee is under fire after it was revealed that she used a Ouija Board with her class of kindergartners!

The odd incident came to light when a parent complained to administrators that her five-year-old son was having nightmares and refused to be left alone following last Friday's classroom Ouija session.

"They were shutting off the lights and making it dark and talking to spirits. That's not something that should be at school," the fraught mom told TV station WISN.

The unnamed educator says that the session came about after the kids asked to hear a scary story and that, when the class used the Ouija Board together, the children wanted to know about movie characters rather than residents of the 'other side.'

She insisted to WISN that "I did not say there were spirits," expressed regret that the seemingly silly exercise caused such dismay for her student, and promised that there won't be any more Ouija sessions moving forward.

That may not be enough, however, as the distraught tot's mom is pressing for the city to fire the teacher for the Ouija Board blunder.

Her fate is now in the hands of the Milwaukee Public School system which has placed her on administrative leave as officials conduct an investigation into the Ouija Board incident.

While the teacher waits at home wondering what her future may hold, hopefully she can avoid the temptation to consult her Ouija Board for answers.

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Source: WISN


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