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Over 200 Flat Earth Fans Gather for First-Ever UK Convention

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Advocates for the infamous Flat Earth theory came together over the weekend in England for the UK's first ever convention devoted to the controversial conspiracy theory.

Held at a hotel in the city of Birmingham, the three-day-long event reportedly drew over 200 attendees and featured nine speakers sharing what they believe to be proof that the Earth is flat.

Much like its American counterpart held last summer, camaraderie was high at the UK event as Flat Earth fans were free to discuss the details of the much-maligned conspiracy theory rather than argue its validity with a disbelieving public.

To that end, one of the more intriguing debates among attendees during the weekend centered around what shape the Earth might be if it is not really round.

Contrary to the popular notion that all Flat Earth fans believe that the planet is simply disc-shaped, it seems that the logistics of the conspiracy theory are actually not universally agreed upon by everyone.

Although the 'disc theory' have proven to the most popular position, one speaker in attendance argued that the planet is, in fact, shaped like a diamond and somehow kept aloft in space by pillars.

Another issue that attendees grappled with during the weekend was the question of what is at the edge of the Flat Earth with some suggesting ice walls or the sides of a giant dome which sits atop the planet.

Others put forward more exotic ideas such as the possibility that travelers are merely transported via space-time teleportation when they reach the edge of the flat Earth.

To skeptics, this speculation may sound ridiculous, but among attendees it was genuine as evident by the nearly $150 cost to participate in the event which also featured vendors selling a vast array of Flat Earth swag.

And, alongside the conversations about the conspiracy theory itself, one assumes that those at the conference were also faced with perhaps an even more pressing issue: what to tell their co-workers on Monday when asked what they were up to over the weekend.

Source: Daily Mail


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