Pair of Bigfoot Sightings Reported in GA

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By Tim Binnall

Motorists passing through northern Georgia in the near future may want to keep an eye out for Sasquatch as the famed cryptid was reportedly spotted twice in the area over the last week. According to a Facebook post from 'Expedition: Bigfoot,' a museum in the town of Cherry Log dedicated to the legendary cryptid, the first of the two alleged encounters occurred on Monday, May 20th as Edward Lee was driving down the highway and noticed "a very dark, 7-8’ tall, hairy, two-legged creature with a pointed head" on the shoulder of the road. The oddity disappeared into a nearby patch of woods and the bewildered driver quickly pulled over in the hopes that the possible Sasquatch would emerge from the forest, but it never did.

Lee subsequently spoke with the Charlotte Observer about his sighting and, despite expressing concern that he would be the subject of ridicule for sharing his story, provided a few more details about the incident. Acknowledging the fantastic nature of his account, he revealed that even his wife didn't believe him when he told her about what happened. Nonetheless, Lee was adamant about what he saw, declaring "It wasn't no bear. It was walking straight up, like a human, with long arms swinging back and forth like a monkey." He ultimately described the encounter as a rather frightening experience, recalling that he was so shaken at the time that "I wasn't getting out of the truck and I wasn't going to go into the woods looking for it."

Remarkably, it appears that Lee was not the only person in the region to run into Bigfoot over the last week as a second individual came forward yesterday with their own tale of seeing the creature. This particular sighting occurred on the morning of Memorial Day as the unnamed witness was on their way to work and saw a Sasquatch kneeling down in a field by the side of the road. The person claims that he stopped to get a better look at the oddity, but that seemingly startled the mysterious creature, which quickly fled the scene by taking off into the woods. The man also noted that, until yesterday morning, he actually didn't believe in Bigfoot. Presumably, he has a different perspective on the creature today.


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