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Pair of Submerged Pyramids Found in the Bahamas?

An anomaly hunter studying Google Earth images of the ocean floor believes he has discovered a pair of submerged pyramids in the Bahamas.

The potential structures were spotted by prolific researcher Scott C. Waring, who says that he noticed them near the island of New Providence, which sits off the coast of Florida.

Based on calculations using the satellite software, he speculates that the pyramids are around 200 feet high and a little over 300 feet wide.

As to the nature of the pyramids, Waring opined that they could be remnants of ancient Mayan or Aztec-like people"

Some conspiracy theorists could also conclude that the pyramids have some connection to aliens, the Bermuda Triangle, or the lost continent of Atlantis.

No doubt a handful of imaginative minds could also find a way to weave all three of those possibilities together into a fantastic tales which spans centuries and star systems.

Sadly, though, skeptics say that the 'pyramids' are most likely yet another example of the pareidolia phenomenon in action with an assist via the poor quality of the satellite images.

To that end, one can't help but feel a tinge of sadness for Waring as his 'discovery' is summarily dismissed by scientists at the same time that they celebrate the professor who found hundreds of ancient stone structures using the same satellite service.

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Source: Express

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