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Palm Reader Allegedly Tricks Woman into Paying $70,000 for 'Demonic Exorcism'

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By Tim Binnall

A self-described 'psychic palm reader' in Massachusetts is accused of orchestrating an elaborate scheme in which she convinced a woman that her daughter was possessed by a demon and then had her to pay around $70,000 to remove the evil spirit. Authorities in the town of Somerset reportedly arrested Tracy Milanovich earlier this week following a complaint from a former client who came to the cops with a rather jaw-dropping story. The unnamed woman told police that her ordeal began back in the middle of November when she visited the purported psychic for a tarot card reading and, during the session, was given some unsettling news.

According to a police report, Milanovich informed the woman that she was "dead in God's eyes" and that her daughter was afflicted by a dark force. As one can imagine, this prognosis proved to be quite problematic to the client and she agreed to pay the psychic $1,000 for help in the matter. However, a week later, Milanovich explained that the problem was much worse than she had originally thought and that the child was, in fact, possessed by a demon. In order to eradicate the sinister spirit and save their respective souls, the palm reader allegedly said, she would need an additional $6,000, which the concerned mother promptly paid.

Much to her profound chagrin, the woman reported to police, the psychic subsequently indicated that her efforts had only been half effective and, as such, another $6,000 was needed to complete the task. Alas, once that fee was forked over by the mother, Milanovich is said to have declared that the persistent demon still remained inside her daughter, but assured her that she had devised a solution to the vexing problem. Unfortunately, cops say, the answer involved some kind of ritual wherein the girl's mother would pay $20,009 to represent the child's birth year, $20,019 in recognition of the present, and $20,020 to signify the future.

Amazingly, the woman managed to acquire the $60,000 to pay for this 'final' exorcism with the hopes that it would bring an end to her financial and spiritual nightmare. But, as you've likely surmised by now, it did not. That's because, although Milanovich reportedly told her that the demon had been defeated, she also allegedly asked for an additional $14,000 in order to place a psychic shield over the child to prevent such sinister shenanigans from occurring again in the future. It was at this point that the woman, who had been warned not to tell anyone about her daughter's condition lest she upset the dark force possessing the child, informed her husband about what had been happening over the last month.

The couple reported the case to the Somerset police department, who then arrested Milanovich and charged her with five counts of obtaining property over $250 'by trick,' larceny, and witness intimidation. For her part, the psychic expressed bewilderment at the accusation and insisted to police that "she has been nothing but helpful" to her client. Milanovich also claimed that, in total, she had only charged the woman $1,000 for approximately five in-person sessions and 10 consultations over the phone.

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