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Guest on the 10/13/21 show, John Zaffis, shares photos of objects from his Museum of the Paranormal:

1) Old cast iron tea kettle that was in several homes causing a lot of paranormal activity.


2) Old Victorian doll purchased by a woman. It started to wreak a lot of paranormal activity in her home and she had sent it to me immediately to put in the museum.


3) A haunted mask that was removed from a case.


4) An old crystal ball and some of their notes in a book removed from a case that was causing problems.


5) Several decorative masks that had to be removed. To this day, we still do not know which one was causing the problems.


6) Old Victorian shoes removed from a 17th century home-- they belonged to the sea captain's daughters. They were wreaking havoc and were given to me for safekeeping.

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