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Paranormal Researcher in India Mysteriously Dies

The family and friends of a prominent paranormal researcher in India are heartbroken and flummoxed over his mysterious death last week.

Founder of the Indian Paranormal Society, Guarav Tiwari was found dead in his bathroom by his wife on Thursday morning after she had heard a sudden and loud thud sound.

Authorities investigating the case reportedly found a strange black line across Tiwari's neck, but there was no apparent source for the anomalous mark.

Police suspect that he committed suicide, however his family and friends are uneasy with that assessment.

Tiwari's father revealed to the Times of India that, "he told his wife a month ago that a negative force was pulling him towards it. He had said he was trying to control it but seemed unable to do so."

Although one might suspect that this was an indication that Tiwari was battling depression, his family insists he had been in good spirits and are skeptical that he would take his own life.

A former commercial pilot, Tiwari saw his career suffer after he purportedly moved into a haunted house and, as such, he eventually became a full time paranormal researcher.

Over the years, he investigated over 6,000 allegedly haunted locations as well as cases involving UFOs and mysterious creatures.

His prodigious body of work led to appearances on numerous television programs in India and even earned him roles in two movies.

While final autopsy results may very well reveal a prosaic explanation for his demise, the cryptic circumstances of Tiwari's death are eerily poetic for such a powerful player in India's paranormal research community.

Source: Times of India


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