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Part of Canadian Treasure Hunt Solved in Less Than 24 Hours

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By Tim Binnall

An elaborate treasure hunt that launched in Canada over the weekend saw one-third of its sizeable winnings snatched up within 24 hours by an Edmonton family with an affinity for puzzles. Dubbed 'Gold Hunt,' the ambitious for-profit endeavor featured three 'treasure chests' valued at $100,000 hidden in three Canadian cities. The search kicked off on June 1st when participants received clues that they purchased from the company behind the hunt. And, before the day was over, one of the three treasures had already been claimed.

According to a local media report, Bryon Duff and his family decided to try finding the treasure because they enjoy doing puzzles together and exploring the outdoors. "We didn't do it with the belief that we would find the treasure," the dad said, "we thought it was a good fit because of all the stuff we do regularly." Among that 'stuff,' is the recreational activity of geocaching, which apparently proved to be an enormous help in their quest for the treasure. After working through the riddles at home, Bryon and his son ventured out on Saturday evening to where the family believed the riches could be found and, after a brief look around, discovered the prize.

Their success was confirmed by the company behind the hunt, who one can only imagine is a tad unsettled by the fact that one-third of the competition finished before the weekend did. To that end, they stressed that the treasures in Calgary and Vancouver are still hidden and encouraged people to purchase clues for the chance to find them. Meanwhile, it would seem that the company has another problem on their hands that many probably could have predicted: wreckless treasure hunters digging on private property. The issue is apparently significant enough that 'Gold Hunt' took participants to task via Twitter on Monday and asked them to be more responsible in their searching.


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