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Peeping Clown Terrifies Teens

Peeping Clown Terrifies Teens

By Tim Binnall

A pair of teenagers in Washington state got quite the fright when they spotted a creepy clown peering into their home and trying to get inside. According to a local media report, the bizarre incident occurred in the city of Spokane on Monday night when the youngsters suddenly noticed that there was a haunting harlequin at their back door. Chillingly, the clown seemingly had sinister intentions as it proceeded to jiggle the door handle in an apparent attempt to enter the home.

The terrified teens promptly ran upstairs to the second floor of the house and called 911 to report the strange would-be intruder. As is often the case, there was no sign of the clown when cops arrived, although they appear to have taken the call seriously, since officers were dispatched to the scene to investigate. Perhaps the most unnerving observation of the clown offered by the teens was that this individual was not wearing a mask and, instead, their face was painted white and sported an eerie red smile.

The teens' mother says that the unsettling experience left them considerably shaken and they have no idea who could have been behind the not-so-hilarious hijinks. And while she conceded that it may have just been a prank of some kind, the mom and her kids were, as one can imagine, not amused. For the clown's sake, we suggest not trying such a stunt again, since it could have ended very badly for them had they jiggled the door handle of a more pugnacious homeowner.

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