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Pentagon UFO Program Revelations Continue to Reverberate

Pentagon UFO Program Revelations Continue to Reverberate

The fallout from this past weekend's revelations of a secret Pentagon UFO program continues as new details come to light, skeptics weigh in, and the press wonders what the president thinks of all this.

Another incredibly insightful report from C2C's George Knapp on KLAS provided still more details about the program and what we may or may not find out next.

When asked by Knapp if Russia and China are also studying the technology seen displayed by UFOs, retired Nevada Senator Harry Reid replied in the affirmative without any sign of speculation, saying simply "the answer is yes."

With regards to findings from the program, Knapp's reporting revealed that there are a whopping 36 "thick reports" that collectively number in the hundreds of pages and another 36 technical reports examining how UFO technology could be harnessed in the future.

The status of this material remains uncertain at this time although the revelation of its very existence has UFO researchers salivating at the chance to examine these, no doubt, tantalizing reports.

Whether they ever get the chance to do so depends on the government's willingness to release the material to the public and could be the next chapter in what many are seeing as a watershed moment in UFO history.

Meanwhile, as expected, skeptics have stepped up to pour cold water on claims of 'alien alloys' being collected by the program with chemists expressing disbelief about that aspect of the story.

Richard Sachleben, an expert from the American Chemical Society told LiveScience, "I don't think it's plausible that there's any alloys that we can't identify."

And so it appears, much like the mountain of paperwork purportedly produced by the program, there is something of an impasse when it comes to these much-discussed alloys until they are unveiled to the world and the scientific community can examine them.

That is assuming, of course, that such a thing will occur, which is far from certain at this time.

Unlike the written reports, these physical materials, should they truly be indecipherable by science, would take this story to whole new level.

To that end, another development which would propel the Pentagon UFO revelations to the forefront of the nation's attention would be a response from President Trump.

When asked by a reporter if the president believed in UFOs or would restore funding to the program during Tuesday's daily briefing, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said she did not know, but would check on the matter and find out.

There has yet to be any answer to those questions, but one hopes that the president will see fit to respond to the story sometime in the near future, perhaps in one of his trademark tweets.

George Knapp will be appearing on Coast to Coast this evening to discuss his exclusive conversation with Harry Reid, of which more details can be found here, as well as all of the latest development with this epic story that has captivated UFO enthusiasts and a considerable portion of the public.

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