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Peruvian Woman Claims Possessed Doll Attacked Her Boyfriend

By Tim Binnall

A woman in Peru says that her life has been torn asunder thanks to a possessed doll with a penchant for causing mischief. The unfortunate individual at the center of this strange case is reportedly named Berliz and she resides in the Peruvian city of Callao. The doll in question, dubbed 'Deisy,' was a Christmas gift from her mother, but the presumably well-intentioned present may have been best left for someone on the proverbial naughty list if the beleaguered Berliz' story is to be believed.

According to her, the doll suddenly began losing its hair, which led Berliz, for reasons unexplained, to wrap the head of the toy with a plastic bag one evening and point it so that it was no longer facing her while she slept. The following morning, she awoke to find that the balding doll had moved and was now 'watching' her, suggesting that the toy's hairless cranium may have been more than a mere factory defect and, instead, something sinister was afoot.

These suspicions were borne out shortly thereafter, Berliz says, when Deisy attacked her boyfriend! Recounting the unsettling incident, which she attributed to jealous on the part of the doll, the ill-fated Christmas gift fell onto the man and "grabbed him and hit him." As one can imagine, being attacked by a possessed doll was a bridge too far for her unnamed beau, who has since ended the relationship, leaving Berliz and Deisy to sort out their issues on their own.

Since that time, the doll has continued to torment Berliz by creating the illusion that there are strangers in her home and using its 'poltergeist powers' to break things throughout the house. The paranormal activity has purportedly become so problematic for the woman that she's not only opted to keep the doll outside the home, but also, in an appropriately weird twist to an already strange story, purchased a black cat in an effort to offset the dark forces that have taken hold of Deisy.

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