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'Phantom Bike' Spotted in Malaysia?

A proverbial 'ghost bike' was purportedly filmed cruising down a highway in Malaysia, but viewers are divided over whether it's a supernatural scene or simply a viral scheme.

The curious video, set on a barren highway in an unnamed part of the country, shows a biker crouched down on the left side of the road as what appears to be a rider-less motorbike passes him.

Despite, or perhaps because of, the ambiguous nature of the footage, it has proven to a surprisingly popular video online, garnering over a million views since appearing on social media yesterday.

As one can imagine, opinions are split as to the true nature of the footage, which some believing that it, indeed, shows a 'ghost bike' out for a late night ride.

Skeptical observers, however, argue that the video is a not-so-clever hoax and that the rider is actually just hanging over the side of the bike away from the camera to create the 'phantom' effect.

A more unsettling middle ground, of sorts, is that the bike really does not have anyone on it, but that's because some unfortunate individual fell off of it a ways back.

What's your take on the spooky video? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: Mirror

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