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Phantom Hitchhiker Encounter Makes Headlines in Argentina

In a strange story out of Argentina, a motorist claims to have provided a ride to a phantom hitchhiker and actually produced some purported evidence from the eerie encounter.

According to Pedro Peirone, the strange incident occurred late last month as he was en route to the town of San Jose de la Esquina.

Along the way, he noticed a teenage boy at the side of the road looking for a ride and decided to give the youngster a lift.

Peirone says that the teen had little to say during the ride and, when asked about his destination, merely told the man that he'd let him know when he wanted to stop.

Shortly thereafter, the mysterious hitchhiker asked to be dropped off at a specific spot along the road where another path splits off and leads to a cemetery.

As one has likely guessed by now, when Perione arrived at the location, he suddenly smelled something burning and quickly looked behind him into the cab of his truck to see what might be wrong.

Turning back around, he was astounded to discover that there was now no one else in the truck with him and, amazingly, the rubber mats on the passenger side of the truck now sported a pair of footprints melted into them.

Thinking that perhaps the boy had run off, Perione searched the area, but found no sign of the young man and even went so far as to report the event to the local police.

This, in turn, has led to the man becoming something of a sensation in Argentina as several media outlets detailed his story and showcased the spooky floor mats from Perione's truck.

To their credit, reporters attempted to find out if he could have fabricated the story for attention, but Perione's peers in his hometown vouched for his character and indicated that such a scenario was unlikely.

While skeptics will assuredly beg to differ, there's something about Perione's story that leaves us wondering if he really did give a ride to a phantom hitchhiker, since the prospect of him making up the story out of whole cloth actually sounds more unbelievable than the tale itself.

Nonetheless, we want to know your take on the bewildering case. Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: Oddity Central

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