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Pizza Man Kills Crazed Clown

An individual wearing in a demonic clown mask was shot and killed during a bizarre attack on a pizza shop employee in Florida. The haunting harlequin had apparently been lurking outside of a Little Caesar's restaurant in the town of Holly Hills as the establishment was closing for the night. When Heriberto Feliciano exited the building, the crazed clown struck with an attack that was both brutal and strange.

According to a police report, the clown smashed a wooden post over Feliciano's back with enough force that it actually split the board. He then tried to stab the young man with a pair of scissors. The assault quickly went awry as it turned out that the pizza worker was packing heat and proceeded to unload multiple gunshots into the clown at close range which ultimately led to his demise.

Since Feliciano is licensed to carry a concealed firearm and his actions were seemingly in self defense, it's expected that he will not face any charges for killing the clown. That said, authorities are investigating the weird incident in an attempt to find out if this was anything other than a robbery gone wrong. A relative of Feliciano told a Florida TV station that the young man is understandably shaken by the deadly encounter which had him sobbing as he called 911 moments after the shooting took place.

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