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Pizza Puzzle Stumps St. Louis Police

Authorities in a suburb of St. Louis are flummoxed over a strange incident where a mysterious stranger randomly left pizzas at a pair of homes.

The odd deliveries occurred last Sunday afternoon when a woman seemingly unaffiliated with any restaurant chain put the pizzas on the back patios of two different houses.

Security camera footage captured one of the unorthodox deliveries taking place, although it provides few clues to the mystery of who provided them and why.

While getting a free pizza is usually something to be celebrated, this particular meal was met with uneasiness by one of the recipients.

"It was creepy, really creepy," an unnamed person on the receiving end of the pizza surprise told KTVI in Missouri.

Making matters all the more unsettling, they said, "when I opened it up there was a piece missing out of it."

Since the woman never knocked on the door of the houses nor left a note with the pizzas, those who received the meals are baffled as to whether they were an act of kindness or something more sinister.

Once again proving the old adage that there's no such thing as a free lunch, authorities are telling residents who may receive these 'mystery pizzas' that they should throw them away and not eat them.

While that seems like incredibly obvious advice, it's probably best that police reiterated it to the public since the allure of pizza is rather strong.

Source: KTVI St. Louis

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