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'Pizza Stalker' Plagues German Man

'Pizza Stalker' Plagues German Man

An irritated attorney in Germany says that nearly 100 pizzas have been delivered to his office over the last two weeks and he has no idea why.

Guido Grolle is baffled by the bizarre deluge of deliveries which have seen a seemingly endless stream of pizzas showing up at his place of business sometimes up to 30 times a day.

Between confirmation emails and phone calls as well as the delivery of these unwanted pizzas, the lawyer laments that the strange issue has wreaked havoc on his workday and left him at his wit's end.

Finally fed up with having to deal with the delivery problem on his own, Grolle has now enlisted the help of law enforcement in the hopes of solving the odd dilemma.

There appear to be two schools of thought regarding what may be behind the constant orders: either they're being done by a disgruntled individual with a grudge against Grolle or it's some kind of computer malfunction.

For his part, the lawyer seems to favor the latter theory as he noted that, on one morning, 15 pizza requests were placed within 27 minutes, which led him to conclude that "no one can order that fast."

One would think that, having received almost 100 pizzas already, Grolle would be wise not to underestimate the dedication of his tormentor if it is a human.

To that end, perhaps realizing that the pizzerias were getting wise to what is going on, the mysterious orders are now arriving from sushi and Greek restaurants, suggesting that a person is behind the cruel caper.

Should police manage to crack the case, the ne'er-do-well will likely face a number of charges related to stalking and identity theft as well as almost certainly having to pay for all of those pizzas, the cost of which has been eaten by the restaurants.

Until then, though, Grolle can at least take some comfort in the fact that he'll probably be off the hook next time it's his turn to order lunch for the office, since no place in town will want to deliver to him by then.

Source: Ruhr Nachrichten via Google Translate

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