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Police Officers Reveal Amazing Paranormal Experiences

Police Officers Reveal Amazing Paranormal Experiences

By Tim Binnall

Considering the nature of their work, police officers are some of the best potential witnesses to strange and unusual situations that seemingly encompass all manner of paranormal phenomena. In honor of Halloween, the law enforcement news website Officer.com asked the police officers in their audience for their own experiences encountering the unknown while on duty and the responses are absolutely riveting.

Alongside a number of chilling ghost stories appropriate for this spooky season are a few tales which stand out as particularly jaw-dropping. One such account came from a former police officer in Maine who recalled finding a woman who had been missing for three days. Upon asking her where she'd been, the woman angrily replied that "spacemen took me." The self-described alien abductee groused that the ETs took her aboard their ship and made her "eat this green stuff" which she likened to terrible-tasting pudding.

The woman went on describe being subjected to a medical examination and asked the officer to please take her to the hospital because she felt tremendous pain in her stomach. Along the way, she revealed that the alien ship was full of missing people who had been taken from Earth, but that she had been rejected because she was an alcoholic. While all of this may sound like a flight of fancy, when the woman arrived at the hospital, the officer and doctors asked if she had any proof of her experience and, incredibly, she apparently did!

To the astonishment of everyone, she pulled out a smooth, oval-shaped rock which the officer described as iridescent. In recounting how the odd stone behaved, the officer said that "when you moved it from back and forth and side to side it would have the colors of gasoline in a mud puddle." After showing everyone the rock, the woman quickly snatched it back and kept it to herself, explaining that she took it as revenge for being rejected by the aliens. According to the cop, he later became a jewelry store owner and marveled that "I’ve seen rocks from all over this world and I’ve never since seen anything like I saw that night."

Another remarkable story shared by a police officer in South Carolina actually has a connection to Coast to Coast AM as he was listening to the show one night while on duty and heard Peter Davenport of the National UFO Reporting Center discussing the latest cases to cross his desk. Much to the cop's amazement, he would go on to have his own UFO sighting later, of the black triangle variety, that evening and subsequently reported the sighting to the NUFORC.

And, in a testament to the sheer array of weirdness witnessed by law enforcement officers, an officer in Georgia shared a wild story about investigating a suspected prowler who had been pestering an elderly couple on a remote farm. This mysterious individual would reportedly tap on the side of the home and peek into the windows. After a few weeks of these incidents occurring, the officer decided to look around the man's property for clues and discovered what appears to have been the massive footprint of a Bigfoot. Similar to many other Sasquatch sightings, the cop noted that he suddenly felt a sense of dread and detected a "sulfurous smell" in the air.

After the eerie atmosphere seemed to dissipate, the officer decided to document the odd find and made a plaster cast of the creature's print. According to him, the activity near the home declined shortly after his discovery and he didn't think much more about the affair until years later when he decided to have the cast examined by Bigfoot researchers who expressed certainty that the massive print was made by some kind of creature and not the result of a prankster.

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