'Poseidon' Appears in Photo of Huge Wave

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By Tim Binnall

A photographer documenting a massive storm that was in the process of battering his native France snapped a stunning picture of a wave that appears to show the face of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. The remarkable image was reportedly taken by Mathieu Rivrin late last month as Storm Justine was sweeping across the coastal community of Lesconil. Although the photographer captured several images of the enormous waves being generated by the wild weather, one particular picture stood out among the rest.

In the photo, Rivrin marveled, "I saw the incredible image of Poseidon with his crown, coming out of the ocean with his face in the wave." Indeed the jaw-dropping picture does appear to provide a brief glimpse of the Greek god of the sea's visage as he demonstrates his enormous power over nature. Of course, the sight was merely an incredible split-second trick of light and shadow as, in Rivrin's subsequent images, the 'face' has vanished back into the mighty wave.


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