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'Possessed' Man Becomes Vampire

'Possessed' Man Becomes Vampire

By Tim Binnall

Authorities in a Cambodian village arrested a man after he allegedly became possessed by an evil spirit that caused him to attack animals and drink their blood. The bizarre incident reportedly unfolded over the weekend in the community of Kampong Reap. It was there that farmer Run Reach decided to enjoy a few drinks after a long day of work, but the man's proverbial 'happy hour' turned out to be a decidedly unpleasant affair.

"After he became drunk, he seemed to have supernatural strength," explained a village police chief assigned to the case. Seemingly overcome by some kind of sinister force, the farmer proceeded to attack three dogs in the village by biting them and drinking their blood! After downing the dogs, the rampaging Reach proceeded to also kill a cat and a hen in the same unsettling manner. He eventually returned to his home where he fell asleep until his parents arrived and were aghast to see that he "looked very cruel and like a ghost."

Reach was arrested for his murderous misadventure the next day and the tale took an even weirder turn after authorities, at the request of the man's mother, brought him to a monk to be exorcised. According to the police chief, the application of holy water freed the farmer from what had taken hold of him which, remarkably, the monk said was a ghost that "made him cruel and drove him to drink the animals’ blood while they were alive." Reach is currently recovering from the odd episode and, thanks to a strange legal loophole, is not facing any charges after all, since he had only attacked and killed his own animals.

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