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'Possessed' Man Drives Car into Church

'Possessed' Man Drives Car into Church

By Tim Binnall

A Spanish man who believed that he was possessed by a demon drove his car into a church to escape the 'dark forces.' The bizarre incident reportedly occurred early Wednesday morning at the San Juan Evangelista church in the city of Sonseca. According to local police, the unnamed man was initially spotted ramming his Jeep into the front entrance of the building, which drew concern from onlookers.

However, when bystanders asked if he needed help, the man simply dismissed the good Samaritans and resumed smashing into the doors until they finally burst open. He then proceeded to drive his Jeep all the way down the center aisle of the church, damaging several benches along the way. The vehicle ultimately came to rest right in front of the altar, which is where the man was found when authorities arrived.

When questioned as to the motivation for brazen break-in, the distressed man told police that he was possessed and that the only place to find refuge from the demons was at the altar of the church. Unfortunately, he apparently did not explain why he didn't just walk into the building in search of spiritual aid. The man was subsequently taken to a nearby hospital to treat injuries that he suffered during the proverbial drive-through exorcism attempt and to be tested for drugs or alcohol, which may wind up being revealed as the true cause of his perceived possession.

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