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Possession of 'Magic Salt' Lands Russian Celebrity Psychic in Jail

Possession of 'Magic Salt' Lands Russian Celebrity Psychic in Jail

The weird world of celebrity psychics in Russia was rocked this past week when a famous clairvoyant-turned-fugitive was finally captured.

One of the stars of our favorite Russian TV show 'Battle of the Psychics,' Arseniy Karazhdaev was arrested last year for shoplifting at a St. Petersburg mall.

Making matters worse for the celebrity psychic, police discovered that he was carrying a small bag of white powder which Karazhdaev claimed was "magic salt."

No doubt hoping to escape justice using his purported 'superpowers,' the TV star subsequently made bail and then went on the run, landing him a place on Russia's most wanted list!

But Karazhdaev's misadventure came to end this past week when cops finally caught up to him and took him into custody.

And, in a somewhat unsurprising turn of events, it would appear that the 'magic salt' was nothing of the sort as Karazhdaev is also now facing drug possession charges centered around the unidentified substance.

The sad turn of events represent quite the fall for the psychic who once captivated the country on national television while doing battle with a witch and a skeptic.

If only there were someone who could have predicted Karazhdaev's troubles and helped set him on the right path...

Source: Moscow Times

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