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Pride of Lions Eat Suspected Poacher in South Africa!

Pride of Lions Eat Suspected Poacher in South Africa!

A pride of lions in South Africa turned the tables on a suspected poacher when they pounced on the man and ate him!

The case of karmic justice occurred at a nature reserve in the South African town of Hoedspruit over the weekend.

Authorities say that the sound of someone screaming could be heard from the site and, upon investigating the situation, they discovered a truly gruesome scene.

According to a police official, the lions made a meal of the man to the point that there was barely anything left of him by the time rescuers arrived.

One part that was still there was the man's head, either because the lions didn't have time to eat it before being scared off by gunshots or, perhaps, as a warning to anyone else who may foolish enough to attack them.

The presence of a hunting rifle at the scene and the fact that no one seemed to know who the man was led law enforcement to conclude that he had been trying to poach the lions and paid the ultimate price for his sinister plan.

Source: Daily Mail

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