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'Psychic' Cat Fetches Big Bucks

In a bizarre story out of Russia, a man claims to have turned torment into treasure after selling his troublesome 'psychic' cat for a whopping sum.

Known only as Dmitry R., the man says that he inherited the cat from his late aunt, but grew weary of the creature after it began displaying strange behavior such as allegedly appearing behind locked doors.

Eventually, Dmitry explained, the feisty feline even began influencing his mind and making him feel compelled to immediately go buy specific food that the cat was craving.

As one might expect, this all began to take a toll on Dmitry's marriage and so he decided that it was time to part ways with the 'psychic' cat.

Fortunately, there is apparently quite the market for clairvoyant cats in Russia as Dmitry purportedly sold the creature to a 'Siberian witch' that had traveled nearly 3,000 miles to procure the animal.

According to him, the woman arrived at his home with a bevy of tools used for divination and ultimately decided that she simply had to have the cat and paid an astounding $83,000 for the creature.

Intending to use the animal in her psychic practice, the 'witch' expressed confidence to Dmitry that the cat would easily pay for itself via its supernatural abilities.

While one may think that Dmitry's extraordinary experience is hard to believe, Russian media appears to disagree as his story has received considerable attention and actually gone viral throughout the country.

And, in one final weird detail to an already strange tale, the cat boasts a remarkably mundane name for a creature said to be imbued with psychic powers: Charles Ultkins.

How a psychic Russian cat somehow wound up with the name Charles Ultkins may be the most mysterious and vexing aspect of the entire saga.

Source: Daily Mail

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