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Psychic Enlisted in Argentine Submarine Search

Psychic Enlisted in Argentine Submarine Search

Authorities in Argentina have turned to a psychic in the hopes of solving the mystery of a submarine that vanished at sea over two months ago.

The ARA San Juan submarine disappeared this past November 15th with 44 crew members aboard, sparking a frantic search that sadly yielded no signs of the vessel.

With heartbroken families left to wonder what became of their missing loved ones, a new lead has emerged from a rather unorthodox source.

A self-proclaimed clairvoyant, known only as 'Marisel,' contends that she has found the submarine using her psychic abilities.

According to her, the downed sub is located slightly north of where the search teams had previously looked and is sitting around 800 feet below the surface of the water on the ocean floor.

In either a testament to the woman's credibility or a sign of just how desperate the search has become, officials in Argentina have not dismissed her claims out of hand.

As a matter of fact, they are actually sending a ship out to the area, with Marisel as part of the crew no less, to see if she is correct.

It remains to be seen whether the psychic search is successful, but, if it is, perhaps she can take a look at the MH370 mystery next.

Source: Mirror

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