Psychic Medium Dispenses Ominous Advice to Disgruntled Customer

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By Tim Binnall

A British woman who found herself in a business dispute with a well-known psychic says that the clash culminated with the clairvoyant offering some rather unsettling advice which seemed to be an ominous warning about the future. The bizarre brouhaha reportedly began last year when Lauren Dent organized a party in which medium Amanda Molloy would provide readings for the guests. According to Dent, things went awry when the psychic abruptly stopped the session after only working with half the people in attendance and explained that "she was too drained" to continue.

Dent says that the psychic offered to return at a later date to finish her work, but since they couldn't get their schedules to match, she simply asked for a refund. The unhappy customer claims that her request went unanswered for a year until the medium finally responded and, after a bit of contentious wrangling, provided the money. However, what happened next left Dent shaken as the psychic allegedly told her to "enjoy the next three years" because it is the "most important time left."

As one might imagine, Dent was taken aback by the psychic's parting message, particularly since the medium once famously predicted the precise moment that one of her clients would die. And, unfortunately, when the unsettled woman pressed Molloy for clarification on what her chilling statement meant, she received no response, leaving her to wonder what her future might hold and if she really only has three years left to live.

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