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Psychic Pig Forecasts World Cup

With the World Cup set to begin tomorrow, a pet pig with a penchant for prognostication is predicting who will advance in the big football tourney. Dubbed 'Mystic Marcus,' the purportedly psychic swine, who resides in the English village of Heage, is said to have a perfect record with sports forecasts. In fact, the creature is credited with having successfully named both the winner of the 2014 World Cup as well as the Wimbledon tennis tournament.

Marcus' psychic method is something of a mystery, since the pig cannot speak, but the process involves the animal being presented with a number of apples that are labeled with different options or outcomes. The pig then puts its unique skills to work and somehow senses which fruit has been assigned to a future winner. As to why the creature could possess this extraordinary power, his owner told an English website that it may be because of a legendary folk concept: Marcus happens to be the seventh son of a seventh son. Such individuals and apparently also pigs are said to be bestowed with various 'special' abilities.

With regards to the forthcoming World Cup, Marcus has indicated that Belgium, Argentina, Nigeria and Uruguay will comprise the final four teams in the tournament. Assuming that the creature is correct, he'll hopefully reveal who the ultimate winner will be when the time comes to make a call. While football fans and skeptics may scoff at the animal's predictions, they may want to keep an open mind as Marcus also allegedly predicted the Brexit vote and Donald Trump winning the 2016 presidential election which were both outcomes that caught human experts completely off guard.

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