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Psychic Shop in the UK Under Fire for Offering Classes to Kids

Psychic Shop in the UK Under Fire for Offering Classes to Kids

The offering of psychic classes for kids by a spiritualist shop in the UK has spawned a heated debate among those with 'the gift.'

Eyebrows were raised in the town of Broxbourne when the 'Spiritual Awakening' shop announced the creation of a 'psychic development course' for teens.

Available for kids as young as 12, the classes purportedly offer patrons the tools to "continue their spiritual pathway" by way of a somewhat unsettling curriculum covering "death, suicide, chakras, guides and much more."

While one can surmise that skeptical adults find the idea of such classes for kids to be altogether distasteful, what may be more surprising is that other psychics are crying foul about the courses.

One unnamed medium told the Herfordshire Mercury newspaper that providing psychic training to a child is highly irregular and that they would never instruct someone under the age of 18 based on "personal experience," which sounds kind of terrifying.

Meanwhile, the UK's Spiritualist National Union has also spoken out against the classes and raised some interesting points about the problems they may create.

Specifically, they say that someone should discover and develop their psychic gift spontaneously rather than have it drawn out of them by way of an ambitious instructor.

The group also expressed concern over how a youngster might deal with the challenges of such training, especially if they were not particularly psychic.

For her part, the owner of the spiritualist shop defended the class, noting that it was requested by "one of my circle members" and that participation required parental permission, stressing "we do not allow children to walk into the shop and book a course."

While that may assuage the concerns of some area residents fearful of rogue teens with newfound psychic powers running amok in the community, it does little to quell the worrisome possibility of a helicopter parent making their kid read Tarot card for hours a day to practice their craft.

Where do you stand on this strange debate? Is psychic medium training for kids a perfectly safe exploration of spiritualism or an incredibly bad idea that could only turn out disastrous? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: Herfordshire Mercury

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