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Psychic Sued for Predicting Woman's Demise

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A woman in France has filed a lawsuit against a psychic who told her that she was going to die within six months.

Their two paths crossed back in July when the woman, named Magalie, phoned a psychic hotline for around $30 dollars and connected with the alleged clairvoyant.

This supposed psychic regretfully informed Magalie that she foresaw the woman's demise due to a doctor's misdiagnosis and that it would occur within six months.

Troubled by what she had heard, the distressed woman quickly sought out a new doctor, who informed that she had a clean bill of health.

Baffled by this positive prognosis, she then called the psychic yet again, but the soothsayer insisted that her vision was genuine and declared that the doctor was incompetent.

Apparently not knowing who to believe, the distressed woman actually wound up turning to a therapist to help her deal with the trauma of being told she was about to die.

In turn, Magalie was advised to sue the psychic for the psychological pain caused by the creepy prediction.

While one can understand how unsettling it must have been to be told that you are doomed, there's a certain bit of irony in that the woman is taking the psychic to court because she did not die.

To that end, the case is scheduled to occur later in November, which sounds somewhat unfair to the fortune teller because she should technically be allowed for the full six months to pass before the veracity of her prediction can be determined.

Source: Daily Mail


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