Psychics Correctly Predict Where and When Missing Teen Would be Found

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By Tim Binnall

Much to the surprise of authorities in Kentucky, a group of psychics were seemingly able to correctly predict where and when a missing teen would be found. According to a local newspaper, the strange case began back on January 13th in the city of Frankfort when Haylee Martin's father reported his daughter's disappearance to the police. Over the course of the next week, attempts to locate the young woman proved to be futile, leading authorities to consider a more unorthodox approach to their search.

This past Thursday evening, sheriff Chris Quire visited Martin's home where a group of self-proclaimed clairvoyants had gathered in the hopes of psychically locating the teen. While he was skeptical that the session would wind up being successful, the law enforcement officer explained that he went along with the idea because he "did not want to leave any stone unturned." During the meeting, Quire recalled, most of the members of the proverbial psychic search party "agreed that we would find Haylee in a neighboring county by morning."

Amazingly, the group's premonition turned out to be correct as a police department in a neighboring county called Quire's office the next day to report that they had found the missing teenager, who had actually run away from home, that morning. "It's hard to believe," the sheriff marveled at the remarkable accuracy of the group's prediction. And while the psychics may not have directly led Quire to where the girl was located, we're guessing that they just might have made a believer out of the sheriff thanks to the uncanny way in which their vision became a reality.

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