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'Pyromaniac Poltergeist' Plagues Russian Family

'Pyromaniac Poltergeist' Plagues Russian Family

A family in Russia claim that they are being tormented by some kind of supernatural force which keeps lighting fires in their apartment.

Residing in the Russian city of Nizhnekamsk, Il’fat and Alsina Musin lament that they have been forced to move multiple times due to this bizarre phenomenon for which they have no explanation.

Despite fastidiously checking the wiring in all of their various homes, spontaneous fires continue to erupt over and over again in different apartments as if they are being targeted by an evil spirit.

The couple has considered the possibility that they are cursed, but are baffled by who would inflict such a bizarre hex upon them.

Regardless of how they came to be in the crosshairs of the 'pyromaniac poltergeist,' Il’fat and Alsina Musin are at their wit's end when it comes to dealing with the problem.

In fact, it has become so worrisome for the couple, that they have actually been forced to sleep in shifts in order to remain ever vigilant in guarding against the sinister fire-starting force.

How much longer they will have to endure this maddening state of affair remains to be seen, but the couple hopes that, by sharing their story, someone will step forward with a solution which can stop the fires from starting once and for all.

Source: Silver Times

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