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R.I.P. Ed Grimsley

R.I.P. Ed Grimsley

Pioneering UFO researcher Ed Grimsley, who many credit with popularizing the use of night vision goggles to look for unidentified craft, has passed away.

An Air Force veteran, Grimsley first began using night vision to observe UFOs in his teenage years and studied the technology as it evolved throughout his lifetime.

With night vision technology becoming more easily available in recent years, Grimsley's technique achieved tremendous popularity in the UFO field.

He even introduced George Noory to the incredible UFO-spotting abilities of night vision when the two met at a conference in San Jose back in 2008.

With encouragement from Grimsley, George donned the goggles and saw two UFOs during an experience he later called "mesmerizing."

As a testament to Grimsley's impact on the field, numerous UFO conferences now feature sky watch events which utilize night vision technology.

The participants at those outings may not realize that their experience was likely a direct result of the work of Ed Grimsley but it almost certainly was. And for that, we salute him.

In recognition of his passing, we will be featuring a special tribute to Ed Grimsley on Friday night's program.

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