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Ralph Nader on Skull & Bones

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In his recent appearance(1) on C2C, presidential candidate Ralph Nader(2) commented on the unlikely coincidence that Bush and Kerry attended Yale University within two years of each other and were both members of the secretive fraternity there known as Skull & Bones. He questioned the oath of secrecy they took as undergraduates. "How long does it last? What does it cover? And at what point might it conflict in their presidential duties or their relations with other Bonesmen...who may be [part of] corporations, have business with federal government or be exposed to [potential] law enforcement?"
According to an article(3) by Kris Millegan, both Bush and Kerry when questioned, have deflected questions about their membership in Skull & Bones, referring to secrecy. Nader believes this isn't a trivial issue. "I think they ought to...discuss it candidly because their oaths of secrecy are supposed to go for the duration not just when they were undergraduates," he said.

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