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Rare Audio Reveals New Insights on Iconic Australian UFO Case

By Tim Binnall

A fascinating piece of audio concerning an iconic Australian UFO case has surfaced online and sheds new light on the legendary event known as the 'Westall Incident.' The remarkable recording, posted to YouTube by the organization Queensland UFO Sightings and Research, features the recollections of an investigator who had interviewed a witness to the 1966 mass sighting. The individual in question was a science teacher of the Westall High School when an astounding 300 students as well as several staff members spotted a UFO.

In the rare recording, UFO researcher James J. Kibel recounts, with considerable detail, what the science teacher told him about both the flying saucer sighting as well as the event's unsettling aftermath. Regarding the initial incident, the witness reportedly said that he was alerted to the UFO by a "hysterical child" who ran into his classroom and proclaimed that there was a flying saucer outside. As the teachers and students watched the object, which was described as silvery and tire-shaped, they were surprised to see four airplanes converge upon the scene in an attempt to interact with the flying saucer, but they were vastly outmaneuvered by the UFO.

After watching the weird scene for a whopping 20 minutes, the object eventually zipped away at an incredible speed. This was followed by the headmaster of the school running outside and ordering everyone back into the building, where he told the students not to discuss the incident and, amazingly, informed the teachers that they would be fired for talking about it. The witness expressed annoyance at both the heavy-handed order by the headmaster, considering that he actually hadn't been outside at the time of the incident because he was too terrified to leave the building.

According to the science teacher, the headmaster's threats fell on deaf ears because neither the students nor the faculty took them seriously. However, it seems that some kind of silence struck the group since he attempted to confirm the details of what he witnessed with other staff members, but was rebuffed because no one wanted to talk about it. One student did speak with the teacher about the event and their observations matched, but eerily she left school shortly thereafter and, when she returned, subsequently refused to ever discuss the strange sighting again.

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