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Ray Bradbury Appearance

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During the first hour, sci-fi legend Ray Bradbury(1) appeared along with fellow sci-fi author Marc Zicree(2). Bradbury revealed that it took him five years to write The Martian Chronicles(3) but that he wrote Fahrenheit 451 in only nine days.
"I can blame it all on you," said Richard C. Hoagland when he called in to speak with Bradbury. He told him that The Martian Chronicles served as an inspiration to him in developing his theories about Mars. Bradbury said he believes we will have manned missions to Mars that will lead to a 10,000 year period of civilizing the red planet.
Featured on Ray Bradbury's website is a set of QuickTime video clips in which he discusses a variety of topics. In this clip he talks about a particular event that inspired him to write his classic novel Fahrenheit 451.

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