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Reconstructed Baby Woolly Rhino Showcased in Russia

An ancient woolly rhino extracted from the permafrost of Siberia has been reconstructed by scientists and is now on display in Russia.

Dubbed 'Sasha,' in honor of the man who discovered it, the taxidermied creature constitutes the world's only baby woolly rhino specimen.

Discovered in 2014, the animal is believed to have been seven months old when it died and likely lived on the planet sometime around 35-50,000 years ago.

Upon being removed from the ice, Sasha was subsequently studied by researchers in Russia who were surprised to find that the creature sported 'strawberry blonde' hair unlike the fur coloring of modern rhinos.

Additionally, much like many ancient and now-extinct creatures, the animal's size was far greater than that of a typical rhino of the same age today.

The rebuilt rhino is the centerpiece of a new exhibition in Moscow where visitors can see the creature up close and imagine a world where such exotic beasts once roamed the Earth.

Source: Siberian Times

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