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Record-Breaking Rainbow Appears Over Taipei

Residents of the Taiwan capital of Taipei were treated to a record-breaking sight yesterday as the longest-lasting rainbow in history hovered over the city.

The remarkable meteorological phenomenon, seen in the sky for an astounding nine hours, amazed weather experts who watched it with wonder.

According to one climate scientist in Taipei, the rainbow's enduring nature was due to conditions created by a monsoon unfolding in a nearby part of the country.

The effects of the storm who were so profound, in fact, that it spawned a particularly vibrant sky over the city with three other rainbows being seen alongside the nine-hour centerpiece.

The epic event easily surpassed a 1994 occurrence which endured for six hours and, until now, was believed to have been the longest-landing rainbow on record.

Perhaps the only people who were not delighted by the rainbow were those who may have used its marathon length to search for a pot of gold and still wound up empty-handed.

Source: Daily Mail

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