Religious Statues Survive TN Fire

Amidst the incredible destruction wrought by the wildfires which devastated parts of Tennessee, area residents received a series of hopeful messages via several religious statues that survived the disaster.

While visiting the towns of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge to inspect damage done by the fire, recovery workers and media members were amazed by what they found.

At one location where an entire house had burned down, a charred statue of Jesus was the only thing left standing at the residence.

An official with the state of Tennessee later noticed a similar phenomenon at two other homes where the structures had been reduced to rubble but religious statues remained intact.

Although some may say that the statues survived due to their stone composition, there was an even more remarkable item discovered by a volunteer working to clean up a local park.

Isaac McCord discovered a single page from the Bible that had been burned around the edges, but was still legible.

Incredibly, it contained a passage from the Book of Joel that specifically mentioned calling out to the Lord for help from a destructive fire that "devoured the pastures in the wilderness."

For a community reeling from the events of the last week, the series of strange religious occurrences may provide some comfort as they begin the difficult task of rebuilding.



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