Remote Viewing 'Dragonfly Drone'

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In tandem with the 5/28/15 show, Ed Dames shares these images and captions:

1. RV target: This is one particular shot of the 'Dragonfly Drone' that was discussed on C2C in 2007. It is, in fact, a CGI creation; there is no 'object' in the sky.

2. Creation point: Here is where the principal creator created the CGI, in 2007. That building is no longer there.

3. Creator's current workplace: This is the Googleplex, next to Moffet Field.

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Author MR Gorga on demonic possession past and present in America, and protecting yourself against demons. Followed by C2C's Cheryll Jones who talks with biologist Laura Kearns on the recent massive bird die-offs in the United States.

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