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RIP Lorraine Warren

By Tim Binnall

Pioneering paranormal researcher Lorraine Warren has passed away at the age of 92. A legendary figure in the world of the esoteric, she and her husband Ed, who died in 2006, formed the New England Society for Psychic Research in 1952. Together, they investigated thousands of cases involving ghosts, demonic possession, and poltergeist activity over the course of the next six decades.

The Warrens' investigations into the strange and unusual served as the inspiration for a number of Hollywood hits, including the Amityville Horror movies and, more recently, the wildly popular Conjuring and Annabelle series of films. Along the way, Ed and Lorraine also authored numerous books about their research and also founded the Museum of the Occult in their hometown of Monroe, Connecticut.

Beyond their prodigious investigative work and its profound impact on pop culture, the Warrens' considerable legacy also included serving mentors to a vast array of modern day paranormal researchers, including their nephew John Zaffis as well as protégés Dave Considine and Jason McLeod. To that end, news of Lorraine's passing sparked an outpouring of remembrances from prominent figures in the field as well as ghost hunting enthusiasts and fans of the films inspired by their research.

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