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Ripper Postcard Sold at Auction

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A postcard believed to have been penned by the infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper was sold for a rather sizeable sum at an auction in England.

The macabre piece of true crime memorabilia was received by authorities in London in October of 1888 and arrived mere days before the Ripper claimed his final victim.

Along with teasing that his "knife is still in good order" and warning that he had his eye on a pair of women that he planned to target, the mysterious murderer even signed the postcard with his now-infamous moniker of 'Jack the Ripper.'

The missive was given to a retiring constable as a gift when he left the force in 1966 and subsequently wound up being put up for auction by his widow this year.

The winning bid for the postcard came in at a little less than $30,000 and, including auction fees, will ultimate cost a whopping $40,000 dollars.

Considering the incredible rarity of the creepy collectible, the price is not altogether surprising, although one can only imagine the curious looks that its new owner will receive once the postcard is put on display in their home.

Source: BBC News


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