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Roswell Gets Giant Alien Statue

By Tim Binnall

Roswell, New Mexico's place in UFO lore is being celebrated in a big way via an enormous new alien statue that towers over the city. According to a local media report, the 22-foot-tall depiction of a green ET was installed on the city's Main Street earlier this week. The massive monument comes courtesy of a recently-opened Dunkin' Donuts / Baskin-Robbins that drew inspiration from Roswell's famous alien-themed McDonald's.

According to the company, the styrofoam statue was constructed over the course of four weeks at a total cost of $35,000. "We wanted to create a landmark," said a representative from the chain of coffee shops, "something that will stay here forever." Considering that the statue weighs a whopping 2,000 pounds, it's probably a safe bet that the muscular-looking ET is going to be a hanging around the city for quite some time.

Fortunately, that's not a problem for most of Roswell's residents, who expressed delight at the new addition to the community. "This is perfect," said Mayor Dennis Kintigh, "I mean, this is the brand for this city." That sentiment was echoed by one savvy Roswellian who observed, "this is what brings in money, tourism, so I think it's awesome." Having welcomed their 'alien overlord' into the city, now all that's left is to give it a name, which the company says will be up to the residents in a contest to be held later this year.

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