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Runaway Tire Narrowly Misses Restaurant Employee

Runaway Tire Narrowly Misses Restaurant Employee

A video posted by Pallotta's Italian Grill in Houston captures the moment a tire from a tow truck careened through a restaurant window, just missing an employee who was sweeping up for the upcoming dinner hour.

The unidentified man can be seen working near a picture window at the front of the establishment when the tire suddenly hits the window and frame and bounces into a table. The glass appears to explode, sending shards far into the room.

The incident occurred at 2:15 PM on Thursday. The restaurant posted a comment on Facebook, saying that "he definitely had an angel watching over him." After some presumably more extensive sweeping up, the Grill opened for dinner later in the evening, and posted the video, quipping, "WE ARE OPEN!!! We've just got some fresh air coming in at the moment."

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