Russian Fisherman Catches Incredible Array of Odd Creatures

A deep sea fisherman from Russia is making waves online thanks to his absolutely amazing Twitter feed which showcases a bevy of bizarre creatures that he's managed to capture.

The breathtaking collection of fantastic beasts comes courtesy of a man named Roman Fedortsov, who began the unique hobby of documenting his weird catches earlier this year.

Including among the vast menagerie of creatures featured in his feed are a ghastly fish which looks like it sports human teeth and another denizen of the deep that boasts enormous bug eyes.

The seemingly endless array of oddities also contains some truly beautiful finds such as a vivid blue starfish.

And, although Fedortsov identifies some of the various creatures he catches, the fisherman concedes that even he can't tell what some of these 'alien' animals are, making the collection a proverbial 'all you can eat' fish feast for fans of mysterious sea creatures.

While Fedortsov's Twitter feed initially served to amuse and enlighten his friends online, a recent local media report has led to his work being seen around the world and his number of followers skyrocket.

Check out a sampling of some of Fedortsov's most remarkable photos in the video above or over at Gizmodo.

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