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Russian River Turns Blood Red

Residents of a city in Siberia woke up to a rather unsettling sight when they discovered that a river running through the community had turned blood red.

The bizarre incident occurred in the city of Tyumen and has, understandably, left people living there concerned about what the crimson-color river might mean when it comes to their drinking water.

Although state-run media has dubbed the weird event a "Biblical bombshell," one hopes that this is only hyperbole and not an indication that divine intervention is suspected of causing the river to be red.

As to what the actual source of the strange coloring might be, officials concede that they are stumped so far, but are performing a litany of tests on the water to try and solve the mystery.

For now, it seems, the primary suspect is one which has come up frequently in similar cases: pollution.

Specifically, the possibility that waste chemicals were dumped in the water is being pointed to as the likely reason for the grisly appearance of the river.

Between this incident and yesterday's story about horned fish that also came from a Siberian river, those who live in the region may wish to stick with bottled water if the option is available.

Source: Mirror


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