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Santa's Grave Found in Turkey?

Researchers in Turkey believe they may have discovered the untouched tomb of St. Nicholas, the historic figure who inspired the legend of Santa Claus.

The incredible find was made at a church which bears the saint's name in a Turkish town thought to be the birthplace of the man who went on to inadvertently become the iconic face of Christmas.

While performing a digital survey of the basement of the church, they were stunned to spot what appears to be evidence of an undisturbed tomb beneath the floor.

Turkish officials are now hoping to confirm their suspicions, but note that it is covered by an elaborate mosaic which will have to be carefully removed before archaeologists can gain access to the site.

That said, they are confident that such a maneuver could be pulled off and are looking to enlist the help of various experts who can help make it happen.

As one can imagine, the community is positively giddy about the potential for confirming that the church is truly the site of the Santa's final resting place as they believe it would be a boon for tourism.

However, we can't help but question the wisdom of disturbing the grave of Santa Claus, since it seems like a surefire way to wind up on his naughty list.

Source: Daily Sabah


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