Sasquatch License Plate Proposed in Washington State

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Bigfoot fans in Washington state may soon be able to put their appreciation for the creature towards a good cause by way of a special Sasquatch license plate to benefit park maintenance.

The clever concept is the brainchild of state senator Ann Rivers, who made news last year when she introduced a bill to name Sasquatch as the state's official cryptid.

Although that proposal failed to pass, this new piece of legislation may have legs, since funds from the Sasquatch plate would be helping to improve the state's parks.

The fact that the creature may call those areas home was not lost on Rivers, who mused that "it makes perfect sense to capitalize on Sasquatch's popularity in a way that would help protect and improve that habitat."

The bill will wind its way through the Washington state legislature over the next few weeks and, hopefully, be passed later this year.

While there are almost certainly regulations surrounding the size and shape of a license plate, we can't help but wish that the special Sasquatch version could be just a giant footprint.

Source: The Reflector

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