Sasquatch Statue Stolen from Outside Bigfoot Museum in California

By Tim Binnall

The troubling trend of ne'er-do-wells stealing Sasquatch statues from homes and businesses across the country continued this week when some miscreants went so far as to swipe a fairly sizeable depiction of the famed cryptid from outside of a Bigfoot museum in California. The audacious caper reportedly occurred in the community of Felton, which is home to the Bigfoot Discovery Museum. At some point on Monday afternoon, some sticky-fingered individuals made off with a Sasquatch statue that stood at the doorway to the site.

In a social media post alerting the public about the theft, the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office noted that the piece is approximately 4 feet tall and weighs somewhere between 150 to 200 pounds. Presumably aware of the ongoing rash of statue thefts throughout America over the last few years, the museum had actually secured their Sasquatch with a chain in order to protect it from just such a fate. However, this proved to be no match for the determined Bigfoot bandits, who snapped the lock in the process of pilfering the statue.

Fortunately, unlike in many similar cases wherein the stolen Sasquatch statue is never found again, this particular piece wound up being discovered on Friday morning by the nearby Scotts Valley Police Department, who shared the good news on their Facebook page. According to the post, their officers responded to reports of a "suspicious figure" lurking alongside a road and, when they arrived on the scene, discovered the Bigfoot statue which they said was "a little banged up but will be returned to his rightful place at the Bigfoot Discovery Museum."


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